Welcome to valuefinders

Welcome to valuefinders

Explore how much sustainable value can be unlocked from your Financial Supply Chain.

Self-assess your order-to-cash and procure-to-pay process in just 60 minutes.

Valuefinders, an online scenario tool, enables you to benchmark your performance and spot opportunities.


Unlock value

As supply chains grow longer the Financial Supply Chain becomes increasingly complex. Having an in-depth overview of hidden costs, risks and untapped opportunities will help you to stay in control.

Valuefinders, an online scenario model, enables you to benchmark your performance against the market’s top performers, pinpointing exactly how much monetary value is captured in your financial supply chain. It identifies which steps you and your colleagues in finance, treasury, procurement and sales can take to reduce costs, mitigate risk, negotiate better terms & conditions and unlock value.

Our passion as Valuefinders

Our focus is on accelerating your quest for sustainable value. We believe you can succeed in doing so with you in the driver’s seat and Valuefinders there to navigate. We also believe that this quest for value enables you to:

  • decide where to start optimizing your financial supply chain
  • decide whether to zoom into a single process or cover all sales and spend categories in your scenario
  • engage multiple stakeholders with metrics (DPO, DSO, bank infrastructure, overdues, STP, cash flow uncertainty) that matter
  • decide when you need our help navigating the market to connect you with best solution providers

Let’s connect to challenge!

Challenged to find out how Valuefinders helps to unlock value? Connect with us to see how to start your quest. You can request a 1-month free trial to the online Valuefinders model, with (online) support where needed.  Or we can run an in-house workshop to guide you through. Just leave your email address and we'll get you started!

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